15 Minute Buoy Smoke Signal

USCG approved 15 minute orange smoke Man Overboard Lifebuoy marker.


• 15 minute orange smoke Man Overboard Lifebuoy marker
• Identical to Light and Smoke Signal without Lighting System
• Automatically deployed on release of the attached Lifebuoy
• Can also be manually deployed
• It can be positioned up to 60m above sea level
(SOLAS only requires 30m)

Revere Survival Products are TAA and Buy American qualified*

*check product for qualification as some product origins may vary
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Brief description

15 minute orange smoke Manoverboard day time lifebuoy marker. Identical to Light & Smoke Signal - but without the lighting system.

Detailed description

The signal is used to mark the position of a man overboard by day or night. It can be automatically deployed by releasing the attached lifebuoy, or manually activated.


  • Day and night signal attached to 4kg lifebuoy and used in an emergency to mark the position of man overboard.
  • Provides 15 minutes of dense orange smoke.
  • Far exceeds SOLAS requirements of 2 hours at 2 candela for light output and duration.
  • Safe to use on petrol or oil covered water.
  • Lithium batteries sealed for life - no annual replacement.
  • Screw fit, inversion switched, LED light units.
  • Automatic or manual deployment.
  • Universal stainless steel mounting bracket. Usually mounted on a ships bridge wing
  • Approved mounting height: 56m - but manufacturer tested to survive 100m drop into water. (SOLAS only requires 30m).
  • Ideal for use on ships or rigs with high freeboard.

Product Specifications

375mm (14.76 inches)

183mm (7.20 inches)

3.3 Kg (7.27lbs)

Net Explosive Content
1.287 Kg (2.84lbs)

Temp Op Min
-1 °C

Temp Op Max
30 C (86.0 °F)

Temp Store Min
-30 °C

Temp Store Max
75 C (167.0 °F)

Flare Color

Flare Burn Time Minimum
15 min


When to Use

Day signal which is attached to a 4 Kg lifebouy (not supplied) and used in an emergency to mark the position of a man overboard.

Storage Requirements

Ideally should be stored in original packing in a dry, easily accessed location at ambient temperature.


Hazardous item! Dispose of responsibly through approved channels in accordance with local regulations.