Red Handflare

Red hand-held, short range distress signal. USCG approved.


• Unique, compact, telescopic handle allow easy extension for safe operation
• Designed to withstand exceptional environmental exposure
• Performs reliably even after submersion in water
• Easily extended for a safe handling and operation
• Designed for stowage in life-raft

Revere Survival Products are TAA and Buy American qualified*

*check product for qualification as some product origins may vary
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Brief description

Unique, compact, telescopic handle allows easy extension for safe operation and saves space when stowed in liferafts.

Detailed description

For use day or night the Comet Red Handflare is a short-range distress signal used to pinpoint position. May be carried on ships bridge and six are required to be fitted in ships lifeboats and liferafts. The handflare is suitable for use on other commercial and recreational boats.The Handflare MK8 conforms to SOLAS 74 as amended. Designed to withstand exceptional environmental exposure and to perform reliably even after immersion in water. Featuring a telescopic handle with improved grip, making it very compact for stowage. Easily extended for safe handling and operation by pull wire ignitor. Produces hot red flame for 60 seconds at 15000 candela.

Product Specifications

(6.9 inches) 175 mm

Length With Handle Pulled Out
(11.0 inches) 280 mm

(1.1 inches) 28 mm

(5.6 oz) 160 g

Light Burn Time Minimum
15,000 cd s

Flare Color

Flare Burn Time Minimum
60 s

Ignition Method
Top Pull-wire Igniter


When to Use

For use in day and night. Short range distress signal used to pinpoint position. To ignite: Fully extend handle, remove red end cap, sharply pull toggle away from body. Hold above head, outboard and downwind.

Storage Requirements

Ideally should be stored in the robust, specially designed polybottle, or in a dry, easily accessed location at ambient temperature.


Hazardous item! Dispose of responsibly through approved channels in accordance with local regulations.